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Should I tour the facility before boarding my dog?

We reccommend a tour before using any pet care facility.  You should always visit to make sure you are comfortable leaving your pet there.  Call to schedule an appointment for a tour or for a meet and greet with you and your dog(s).

What if my pet becomes ill while being boarded?

Veterinary care will be provided if your pet becomes ill while in our care.  You will be billed at check-out time for any expenses incurred.

Do you provide any other services?

Basic grooming services are also available , price depending on your pets size and needs.   Our specialty is the BBB (Bath,Brush, Blow Dry) Starting at $20 for small dogs, $25 for medium dogs, $30 for large dog.

An extra $15 fee for will be added for long haired breeds .

Need a JAB (Just A Bath)  Dogs will be slightly damp at pick-up

$15 for small dogs (under 15 lbs)

$20 for medium dogs( under 50 lbs) 

$25 for dogs under 75 lbs  

$30 for dogs under 100 lbs. 

Please note we are unable to accomodate giant breeds as our bath tub is not large enough.


Note : Sorry we do not cut nails!

Pets needing medication will be charged a $1.50 per day administering fee.Please note this is not per pill just a daily fee.We have an Advanced Pet Care Tech or qualified vet assistant that administers pills or insulin shots if needed.

 Do you belong to the Pet Care Services Association ( formerly known as ABKA)?

We have been a member of the ABKA since 1999 and adhere to their codes of ethics.You can go to their website for great articles at http://www.abka.com