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 * We have been having issues with our dipmap server and apologize if you are unable to view our cameras. Unfortunetly, it is out of our control to fix this issue.  Usually it resolves itself within a 24-48 hr period. Please visit our Facebook page for pictures & videos during your dog's vacation.

CALL (937)323-4094

Connect through Internet Explorer(Recommended) You can connect via  Firefox ,however you will need to configure security settings on your own. You will need to download any plug ins that your computer is missing.


Connecting through Internet explorer

Connecting to the Paradise Pet Resort DVR System now requires a secure connection. The address that you will use to connect by web browser is now: http://paradisepet.dipmap.com:90

You will need to load Java Applet to view if you do not have it installed aready. Log on as usual then highlight the motion jpeg on the left side this will enable you to view the cameras without downloading addl apps.

It is essential that you include the https portion of the address.

After connecting you will be greeted with a warning screen that appears as follows:

Go ahead and click “Continue to this Website (not recommended)”. This will take you to the normal login screen.

Connecting through DMmultiview

You should experience no change from this

Connecting  through Mobile Application

Before connecting with your mobile application (GVAView for android and GV-Iview for apple) you will need to make sure the https button is click and showing on. This should either be located at the top or the button of your listed information

  1. Once loaded- Look underneath block asking for username and password. Click on as GUEST Login and click on SIMPLE view located in a box on the screen . You do not need a password or user ID
  2. Once connected click on multi windows under live view. Then click on camera 1-7 to view.Click which camera you want to view or all of them.
  3. If trying to view on a surface or Iphone or smartphone , you will need to click JPEG view.

Enjoy the view!- There are 7 cameras in all. You do not need to change anything else.


If you are experiencing problems- your security settings may need adjusted. I have had issues with hotel internet connections not allowing this website. If this happens there is nothing I can do but you may check with the front desk for assistance.

Updated laptops or computers should work fine. Once downloaded you can save as a bookmark as a favorite so it is always there.